Commune with Israel’s natural wonders, following well-tended trails of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty.

Sataf (easy to medium): These hills to the west of Jerusalem are graced with evergreen forests, orchards and villages. Five different hiking trails through Sataf provide visitors with wide options, including a circular walk starting and ending at the main entrance and cafe.


Jerusalem Mountains (challenging): Steeper slopes await you at the Gazelle Valley, a 260 km2 reserve in the Jerusalem Forest. Four options lead to Hindak Spring, the quaint village of Ein Kerem, or a breathless climb through the mountains and over a number of streams.

Metzukei Dragot (very challenging): Descend into the canyon of Nahal Dragot, passing the Murabat Caves of Bar Kochba fame, climbing and rappelling down rock cliffs, and swimming the canyon’s pools, and emerging into the Jordan Valley. It’s a full day of testing your limits.

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