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The Visual Directors

The Norman Tel Aviv was renovated by visionary architect Yoav Messer, who succeeded in preserving the original buildings in harmony with the neighbourhood’s distinct tradition of eclectic, modern, and Bauhaus buildings. The interior design, steered by David d’Almada of SAGRADA, captures the dignified elegance of the 1920’s, skillfully blended with the unique Mediterranean ambiance of early Tel Aviv.

The Art Collection

The art collection at The Norman Tel Aviv features works by leading contemporary Israeli artists with international reputations. The pieces themselves, in a host of media; painting, sculpture, print, photography and textile – not only stand alone as pieces of significant note but also reflect and embody the many archeological layers of the buildings as the central theme to the collection.
One of the many accomplishments of the collection is how each piece sits in a seamless, harmonious dialogue with the different materials and elements of the interior and furniture design.
Works by these artists are available for purchase via The Norman’s special Art Concierge service.

Art Concierge Service

The art concierge service helps guests interested in purchasing from the collection as well as offering a special kind of exposure to the Tel Aviv art scene through lectures by the featured artists and personalized art tours to galleries & artist’s studios, within the hotel’s vicinity.

Artists Featured at The Norman

ST-ART Collection by Serge Tiroche