Take a break from the outside world and pamper yourself. Quiet your thoughts. Relax your mind. Rejuvenate your body.Live in the moment. In the midst of the busy city, you will find solace inside the spa hotel The Norman. Delve deep into the well of relaxation as you make your mark at the wellness area.
Our eclectic treatments offer multiple pathways to outer radiance and inner balance, combining luxury with well being. We believe in an ageless approach to a healthy lifestyle through balance. Balance your mind and body with treatments that include pure natural resources and the healing of touch.

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עיסוי בתל אביב

Swedish Massage

Take pleasure in tranquil surroundings while diminishing tension and stress with this traditional all-over relaxation massage.

The pampering Swedish Massage technique will help you alleviate stress and fatigue which result from long tours or tiring business meetings.

עיסוי בתל אביב

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but uses deeper pressure, releasing chronic muscle tension.

This therapy is designed to improve blood circulation, and will help you fully relax. We recommend the deep tissue massage after difficult hikes or long flights.

ספא במרכז

Jet Lag Massage

Flying can be very challenging for your biological clock.
Our combination of back massage, with the stimulation of reflex points on the scalp and feet will help your body recuperate, rebalance and enhance your quality of sleep.

This treatment is a rejuvenating experience, and is specifically designed so you can be well-rested and fully enjoy your stay in this spa hotel in Tel Aviv.

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