The rolling hills, cliffs and valleys form a dramatic backdrop to locations made famous by the Bible, Jewish history and ancient civilizations. Nazareth (Jesus’ hometown, now Israel’s oldest Arab city), Capernaum, Cana, the Jordan River and other sites are found along the “Jesus Trail”. From Tel Dan and Tel Hazor in the north to the Hula Valley and Mount Gilboa in the south, you can hike through beautiful nature reserves among migrating birds, archaeological parks and wild flowers.

Climbing past the millennia to the top of Megiddo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, gaze into the fertile Jezreel Valley, believed by Christians to be the future site of Armageddon. Explore Safed, the home of Jewish mystical Kabbalah and a thriving artist colony; Tiberias, prized for its hot mineral springs; and the Sea of Galilee, whose shape inspired its Hebrew name (Kinneret or Harp).

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