Experience the tastes and aromas of a multi-national food and beverage culture, which forms an integral part of Israeli life.

Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem

This modern Middle Eastern open-air market is a world of new tastes, smells and bargains. Rows of stalls display fresh produce, spices, baked goods and other ethnic foods. Crowds of shoppers wander in leisurely fashion down the aisles as vendors call out to them to stop and sample their delicacies. Good-natured arguments can be heard as buyers and sellers haggle over prices – another time-honoured Middle Eastern custom. The multicultural tapestry of Israel is represented in the variety of recipes originating in Arabia, Ethiopia, Europe, South America, Caucasus and Central Asia. No wonder it’s a favourite haunt for Israelis as well as foreign visitors.

Levinsky Market, Tel Aviv

Founded in the 1920’s by Balkan immigrants, who brought their local recipes and ingredients with them, the colourful traditions and quality of this market have been preserved by the sons and grandsons of the original shop owners. They are patronized by chefs from exclusive restaurants seeking the finest in fresh spices, dried fruits and fresh-roasted coffees, as well as olive oils and deli goods. Taste your way through this cuisine capital, meet some of its founders, and take home “secret ingredients” used by top Israeli gourmets.


Flea Market & Old Jaffa

Jaffa is one of the oldest port cities in the world, known for its history, architecture, antique shops and artist quarter. Modern Tel Aviv was founded next door and eventually grew around Jaffa, making it easy to enjoy both the old and the new of this combined metropolis. Tel Aviv’s food and coffee culture includes landmark family-owned eateries in Old Jaffa, the main market and the Yemenite Quarter with its own unique cuisine. While there, explore the Bauhaus architectural style that earned Tel Aviv its UNESCO World Heritage status.

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