The Israeli fashion market is heavily inspired by trends from around the world, and often incorporates military elements and materials suitable for scorching weather. At the moment, there is no leading fashion trend in Israel, and day-to-day fashion is influenced, as in most countries, by famous celebrities who set the tone.

The Israeli fashion industry began around the time the State of Israel was established. Thousands of families settling around the country and in need of comfortable, usable and cheap clothing led to khaki outfits suitable for the hot weather and unique period.

When pondering what to wear in Israel, it is always a good idea to check the weather forecast. As forecasts tend to change, take them with a grain of salt, and always bring along an extra sweater. The weather in Israel is pleasant most of the year, with scorching June-August summers, and a few rainy and cold weeks in the winter. If you’re planning a trip to the Jerusalem area, remember that Jerusalem winters are quite chilly, and keeping a sweater handy is a good idea all year round.

So what should you wear in Israel? It is safe to assume that if you are visiting from North America or Western Europe, you will feel quite home in comfortable jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers and a hoodie. Most events in Israel are informal, and it is common to see office administrators with a t-shirt and jeans, or wedding guests sporting sneakers with a dress or suit. Fashion in Israel is casual and relaxed; however, it is important to respect certain religious obligations when visiting specific sites.

Tel Aviv is the fashion capital of Israel, and home to world-famous designers who are often inspired by the multicultural diversity and urban vibe surrounding them. The 90’s marked a turning point in Israeli fashion, when celebrities from around the world started wearing Israeli designers.

Tel Aviv offers branches of leading, worldwide fashion chains, as well as local boutique designer shops. Sworn fashion lovers can enjoy a fashion tour of the city which guides you through its important fashion landmarks. You can visit designer shops, vintage stores, markets and more. The Nahalat Binyamin area is one of the most colorful streets in the country, incorporating a huge variety of textile, material and accessories shops, with a lively, flamboyant atmosphere. Tel Aviv also features several malls and shopping centers with varying styles, as well as pop-up shops in accordance with current trends.

So, if you are wondering what to wear during your visit to Israel, remember a few things. Firstly, Israelis are friendly and outgoing. They don’t really care what you wear. They love tourists, and they love uniqueness, so almost anything you wear will be appropriate. Second, remember the weather in certain areas changes drastically in the evening, especially in the Jerusalem, Dead Sea and Desert regions. In addition, note that many of the trendsetters in Israel are influenced by celebrities from the US, and American styles are usually popular here too (although they may take it several years to become widespread!)

We hope you enjoy your visit, and come back soon!

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