The boutique hotel sector has grown exponentially in the past decade, opening up a multitude of personalized hotel styles and vibes for a variety of guests and occasions.

The boutique hotel of today- allowing for many interpretations – builds on the initial characteristics of the term first coined back in the 1980’s by Steve Rubell.  But essentially, key elements include size, charm and style, and are often staffed with warm and friendly individuals. Sometimes a historical building and strong design ethos follow suit.

In Tel Aviv, the first boutique hotel to open, adhering to the original concepts of what it means to be ’boutique’ was The Norman hotel in Tel Aviv.

Since then, the boutique hotel sector in Israel has continued to bloom and flourish. However The Norman, a multi-award winning hotel remains the first choice for guests looking for a 5 star boutique hotel experience.

A unique guest experience:

Unlike the larger multi-national hotels, boutique hotels adopt a more personalised approach where you can expect to find staff that are eager to go the extra mile just for you. The fact that boutique hotels are smaller also means they can be located just about anywhere, hidden in unique locations and neighborhoods. They say good things come in small packages, and boutique hotels confirm the myth.

The Norman hotel further enhances the guest experience with its intriguing history. This is a hotel with a story that centers on one family, the Lourie’s and their relationship to Israel throughout history.

The restoration of the two buildings and the design ethos brings something entirely new and unique to Israel and Tel Aviv.

And all of this is unique because this familiar and warm environment, possible only in a hotel of a certain size, comes with the amenities of a larger hotel, including 2 award winning restaurants, a wellness area, 24 hour gym, personal trainer, award winning wine list and sommeliere, rooftop pool, Library Bar and stunning concierge team.

Unveiling the city beyond:                                         

It is rare to find a hotel that holds such a key position in the history of the city in which it stands. The Norman tells many stories of the past, and yet, its growing contemporary Israeli art collection and modern approach to Israeli cuisine ensures the past sings in harmony with the city today.

But there is a pulsing world beyond any hotel and a good concierge department is key to helping travellers unveil the jewels of its location.

Because of The Norman’s location within the heart of The White City and its easy access to some of the most culturally exciting cities throughout Israel, there is no trip or tour too big or too small for the concierge team. From walking tours of the shuk to helicopter rides along the coast, magical excursions are matched by your return to a magical hotel at The Norman.

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