People of all ages are often driven by the desire to help others, and there are many volunteering opportunities to be found all over the world.

Volunteering in Israel is unique in that there are a variety of organizations that welcome tourists to volunteer for a special experience, allowing them to make a direct connection with the local population, while integrating a vacation and helping others.

Throughout the country you will find many volunteering opportunities in various fields. Volunteering in Tel Aviv allows volunteers to contribute a part of their time to help people, animals or aid organizations in a number of ways. Serving food, spending time with the elderly, public relations support or helping underprivileged populations on the ground are just some of the opportunities available.

Public relations support for the wider society is an is an interesting and varied volunteering field in Israel. Some photographers choose to document the less-spoken-about aspects of Israel, such as the diverse refugee population in Tel Aviv, collaborations between the Jews and Arabs, and more.

Tel Aviv is a relatively young city, with an elderly population comprised of often-lonely holocaust survivors. The HaKerem day centre located in the city’s Yemenite quarter gives volunteers an opportunity to chat with the visitors, conduct fun workshops and participate in interesting activities.

The “LaSova” soup kitchen chain provides meals and shelter to over 2300 people daily.

“Chasdei Naomi” is an organization which distributes thousands of weekly food baskets throughout Israel. At the organization’s warehouse, you can pack food get acquainted with the regular volunteers, and be amazed at the amount of activity on the premises.

If you’re an avid pet lover, SOS PETS allows you to adopt a pup or kitten for a day or two. In addition, you can help in the weekly adoption auctions which take place in Tel Aviv and Herzliya.

Most of us love documenting everything we see, next time you go out, try capturing moments that are unique to Israel, or characterize Israel in a special way. By uploading them to the Israeli Faces page, you will raise awareness of the day-to-day routine in this amazing country.

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