As so many young people nowadays are opting for a vegan lifestyle, Tel Aviv, being renowned as a progressive city has accommodated Vegan tourism and has a large community of local Vegans living in the city.

Veganism is a lifestyle respecting nature and the environment, aiming to protect animals and their produce. Veganism is a growing trend, especially after many celebrities declared they chose a vegan diet.

Respectively, the animal protein substitute market has grown, and there is a wide selection of foods and recipes suitable for vegans in Tel Aviv. You can easily find vegan Tel Aviv restaurants, as the city is home to a young, progressive crowd. The vegan lifestyle is suitable for individuals wishing to improve their health, and who maintain a balanced vegan diet to ease the digestive process and balance the bodily systems.

If you’re vegan, surely you’ll be aware that when planning a trip, vegan options at the destination is a big factor. Yes, you can find fruits and vegetables everywhere, but we all want cooked, delicious meals, especially when on vacation! In worldwide surveys targeting vegan and vegetarian tourists, it appears that cities boasting a variety of vegan options, attract more tourists.

Israel is a perfect destination for vegans. Although only 5% of the population defines itself as vegan, according to The Daily Meal, Tel Aviv alone hosts about 400 vegan-friendly restaurants! Tel Aviv isn’t the only vegan-friendly location in Israel. The falafel stands located on almost every corner are great, good value places to enjoy a crisp falafel ball with a delicious salad and delicious  fries. In general, Israeli cuisine includes many variations of vegetables and legumes, bringing an innovative and creative way to enjoy Vegan cuisine.

Tel Aviv is considered the capital of Western vegan cuisine, and with good reason. The worldwide Domino Pizza chain launched its vegan pizza in Tel Aviv, and the huge demand left the managers in utter disbelief.

Tourists and visitors searching for vegan food in Tel Aviv, will be happy to learn that The Norman boutique hotel hosts restaurants with a selection of vegan options. The prestigious Alena restaurant provides a choice of outdoor seating in the terrace, indoor restaurant seats or a private room for events and business meetings. The Alena menu includes aesthetic and delicious vegan choices. You may choose rich and healthy salad from the ‘Raw & Green”’ menu, which also includes protein salads such as the quinoa salad. You can request all salads to be customized, without cheese, and adapt them to your vegan lifestyle. The beverage menu boasts a wide range of energizing juices, cocktails and warm drinks.

The international Dinings restaurant combines Japanese Izakaya style tapas and a modern European menu, with several vegan options. Among the unique choices you will find roasted beets in hot gemme dura sauce, and a miso soup with shimeji and shallot mushrooms for a refined taste. The SYUKO menu offers a classic green salad, a suva salad with Japanese spelt noodles, a nasu miso eggplant with sesame, traditional tofu agedashi, and tempura vegetables with shugjin tan-dashi. The scrumptious tempura mushroom buns and mushrooms seasoned with yuzu, garlic and soy sauce are a great appetizer for any meal.

If you’re visiting Tel Aviv, we recommend visiting The Norman hotel, which hosts both restaurants on the premises. In addition, you will find The Library Bar, where guests can enjoy a selection of drinks and beverages and snacks suitable for vegans. The hotel practices green awareness and was designed with the historical and environmental aspects in mind and strives to provide its guests with a unique and memorable experience and is especially accommodating to vegan guests in Tel Aviv.

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