Taking a time out for yourself is always important, especially when you live in the Center of Israel. The combination of the lights, the noise and the hectic rush make it a necessity to take a short break, and enjoy a pampering massage or spa in Tel Aviv. A spa day, alone or with a friend, will provide you with peace of mind, relax your muscles and your brain, and allow you to pause all your thoughts and tasks.
The Norman offers a luxury spa in Tel Aviv, and a wide range of massages tailored to every situation or event. Amongst the many luxuries available at The Norman, you will find the Swedish massage, known for its muscle and tension relaxation virtues. In addition, The Norman offers a deep tissue massage, which, like the Swedish massage focuses on all parts of the body, but uses stronger pressure levels, suitable for those with chronic high muscle tension. The unique aromatherapeutic massage allows you to choose from a variety of special oil compounds, which will help calm your body, mind and soul. Another unique massage is the Sports massage, which focuses on areas prone to high stress, and is designed to help you relax after a long day of strenuous exercise. This massage is recommended for those who went on a hike, climbed a mountain, or spend the day swimming in the beautiful Tel Aviv sea. Another massage offered is the Foot massage which provides a pampering, floating feeling, perfectly suitable for those who toured around for hours. For those who just landed, we highly recommend the Jet-Lag massage. Yep, there is such a thing! The jet-lag massage focuses on points in the back, scalp and feet, and will help your biological clock rebalance, allowing you to have a calming and relaxed nap. The highlight of the spa menu is of course the Four Hand massage, which assures that every part of the body will be reached, with a special and personal focus.

The Japanese Shiatsu massage is known for its healing properties, and The Norman offers it as well. The masseuse attends to specific points which help with mobility, stretching and joint movement, by using his fingertips, thumbs and palms. Reflexology is another healing massage technique, which focuses on massaging the hands and feet, in order to balance the body’s energy levels, cleanse toxins, relax and ensure proper functionality of the internal organs.
In addition to the traditional spa and massage treatments The Norman offers its guests in central Tel Aviv, you will find acupuncture for optimal energy channeling, and cupping therapy for improving circulation and reducing toxins, which is recommended for athletes. The cupping is performed by placing suction cups in strategic points, creating a vacuum, and relieving the tensions and obstructions.
The Norman boutique hotel is located in an UNESCO heritage site, and is nestled between popular tourist sites. The pampering, the atmosphere, the luxury and the heartiness make a visit to the hotel an unforgettable experience. The variety of spa and massage treatments, all performed by professionals, the complete privacy, amazing background music and luxurious furniture, all make The Norman’s spa in Tel Aviv an obvious choice.
After a pampering experience at The Norman’s spa, you can dine in one of the elite restaurants located in the hotel, visit the Tapas restaurant, and watch the breathtaking Tel Aviv sunset. You can stroll down the corridors decorated with masterpieces by top-notch Israeli artists, drink a cocktail at the Library Bar, and most importantly, feel luxury and service every step of the way.

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