Often referred to as the Miami of the Middle East, Tel Aviv is more than the beach-party town it’s known for. Tel Aviv is a cultural hotspot that puts other cities in the shade! With over 200 museums nationwide, Israel has the highest number of museums per capita in the world.

So if you like your trips to be more than just sea & sun, you’ve landed in the right place.

Must-see museums in Tel Aviv

From the contemporary to the historical, from niche art to the architectural, the scope of Tel Aviv museums is sure to amaze you.

Here’s a list of 12 must-see museums in Tel Aviv

Eretz Israel Museum

The Eretz Israel Museum displays a variety of exhibitions in the archeology, culture, art, Judaism and history of Israel, with hundreds of thousands of exhibits spread across fifteen pavilions.

Another attraction at the museum is the planetarium, where you can sit and gaze up at the starry skies, while enjoying a spectacular show with detailed explanations.

As far as museum shops go – the shop here stocks a stunning array of art, jewelry, ceramics and nik naks from independent designers and craftsman.

Museum of the Jewish People – Beit Hatfutsot

At Beit Hatfutsot you fill find unique and engaging exhibits for all ages, describing the history of the Jewish Nation in Israel and in Exile, from the days of Kind David to the present day.

The museum’s register also allows you to learn about your own family history, and explore your heritage family tree.

Steinhardt Museum of Natural History

Across the Beit Hatfutsot Museum you will find the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History. This distinctive museum is suitable for all ages, and displays over 1 million animals and plants that have existed in the Land of Israel throughout the centuries.

The museum allows researchers and scientists from around the world to research and collect data and is open to the general public as well. Its seven separate exhibits include: bird migration, insects and arthropods, animals in the dark, human effects on the environment and more.

Etzel, Palmach and Lehi Museums

These three museums commemorate the national armies which fought for Israel before and during the War of Independence, and protected the Jewish residents from pogroms. The Etzel, Palmach and Lehi liberated Israel from British rule. Each museum displays testimonials from activists that partook in the organizations, as well as documents, photographs, weapons, presentations, pictures and films about their activity.

Old Jaffa Museum

Just like Tel Aviv, the city of Jaffa has a museum of its own, located in an Ottoman-era building, built on the ruins of an 11th century Crusader fortress.

The museum presents Jaffa’s history – from the Stone Age, through all the conquests the city has gone through. Among the exhibits, you will find a copy of an 8th century B.C. Assyrian king transcript, and personal belongings of a Jewish family that lived in Jaffa during the Roman Empire 200 years ago.

Bauhaus Museum

Tel Aviv is a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to the The White City; a collection of over 4,000 buildings built in the International Style from the ‘30s including the Bauhaus. So, where better to delve deeper than at the Bauhaus Museum, displaying the history and development of this incredible style that characterizes Tel Aviv. It also exhibits Bauhaus items and furniture from the 1920s and 1930s.

Peres Center for Peace and Innovation

In a five-story building overlooking the sea, you will find the Peres Center for Peace and Innovations, which displays the best of Israeli innovation, and the most promising Israeli developments of each year. At the center you can view holograms of groundbreaking Israeli innovation and step inside a virtual reality capsule that will expose you to the challenges of our future.

Art Museums

If you’re an art lover, we suggest visiting the Museum of Art, which hosts exhibitions from the 16th century through to the contemporary.

Several leading artists have their own museums in Tel Aviv, including Ilana Gor, Nahum Guttman and Reuben Rubin, in which you can explore a variety of their personal work.

Whisky Bark Museum

To end off a long and enjoyable day, visit the Whisky Bar Museum, which includes a restaurant, great whiskey, and a lesson about the various types of whiskey and their history.

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