Living so close to the sea is magical. And not for the spell of its calming nourishment alone!

Among the plethora of sports and activities you can take up on the beach and in the sea, surfing has to be one of the most accessible and romantic.

Suitable for all ages, lovers of the sport describe surfing as liberating and exciting shooting it from refreshing sport to addictive hobby pretty fast.

The basics aren’t terribly hard to master but there are many different styles to discover once the basics are securely under the belt of your wetsuit! Different surfboards allow for a range of conditions. The classic, most common surfboard allows for a wide range of play, while Funboards, which have the volume and stability of a longboard, yet are easier to navigate, make them ideal training boards for adults and boards for children.

Gun surfboards, for the confident  wave-sure surfers are designed for big waves, and are often used during stormy weather, or in locations with naturally high waves. The gun surfboard is long and thick, with a pointed nose and tail, which provide stability along with the ability for complex turns.

There is a variety of surfing activities suitable for different abilities and expertise levels. You can find surfing camps, pool surfing, and of course beach surfing around the globe.

In Israel, there are several places along the Mediterranean, suitable for wave surfing. Surfing in Tel Aviv is a common hobby among its citizens and visitors. Aside from being a young, lively city, Tel Aviv boasts beautiful beaches and an exciting surfing scene. You can find several surfing schools in Tel Aviv, and shops selling high quality equipment. The ideal days for surfing are those after strong winds and storms, which create high, challenging waves. Weekends often see surfing competitions, with upbeat surfing music and fun beach parties.

In the winter, it is recommended to visit the Dolphinarium beach, which protected by breakwaters, is especially enjoyable on stormy days. Located a little further north is Geula beach, which also has breakwaters and creates waves even on days with typically low waves.

The Western beach (Ma’aravi) is perfect for those who enjoy surfing low waves of up to 50cm. The beach has a few breaking points, which make it ideal for surfing in Tel Aviv.

The Gordon beach is great for both surf-school beginners and children alike. Located south of the marine in Tel Aviv, Gordon beach provides a safe, yet authentic surfing experience, the next beach along the coast headed north is the picturesque Hilton beach, separated into Hilton North and Hilton South.

Hilton South is suitable for a variety of surfing styles, including sap surfing on mellow days. During stormy days however, it is recommended to enter the water only if you know the beach well, to refrain from accidents and injuries.  Hilton South features several cool breaking points, including one of the only reefs in Israel, which provides an exciting experience, while The Hilton North is a closed beach and recommended for classic surfing, but not for sap surfing.


In the words of Jon Kabat-Zinn; “You can’t stop the wave, but you can learn how to surf”.

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