What else can be said about the fascinating city of Tel Aviv? History, culture, diversity, and of course – the food, all create a beautiful blend. Tel Aviv restaurants and event venues considered the center of luxury in Israel. The wide range of style, influences, and worldwide culinary delights assures that each individual will find a place for him. Japanese sushi restaurants, luxurious meat restaurants, a rapidly growing selection of vegan restaurants, and kosher restaurants along seafood restaurants. The Tel Aviv restaurant scene is as diverse as its population, and caters to tourists from around the world.
The Norman Hotel is located in the White City in Tel Aviv, and is nestled at a cultural crossroad, with the HaBima Square and Rothschild Boulevard on one hand, and the Josef Bau Home at a walking distance. The Norman offers a combination of the unique flavor blends, and provides its guests and visitors with a selection of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. You can choose a small intimate event at the private dining room, or reserve tables at the Dinings or Alena luxury restaurants.
The Dinings restaurant is a Japanese tapas bar, which combines classics and culture in a unique way. These Tel Aviv restaurants are perfectly located at The Norman Hotel, which provides a world-class dining experience, with a Japanese tapas atmosphere alongside a modern European cuisine. The attention to detail is evident in every dish. The careful design of each dish and the fresh ingredients create a bonding atmosphere. The restaurant offers “On the Bar” seats, which allow you to view the cooking process, indoor seating, and outdoor couches and chairs on the beautiful porch. The Dinings menu includes aperitifs, sakizo snacks, oysters and the sushi and sashimi flagship dishes. For events, we highly recommend the Moriawase platters, which is sure to create a closer and more personal meal. The “From the Kitchen” menu includes mini steamed burgers, vegetables, fish, seafood and meat options. In addition, Dinings offers a special “Sunset Menu”, which can be enjoyed while viewing the beautiful Tel Aviv sunset.

The Alena luxury restaurant is also located at The Norman, and offers European-style events with a strong Mediterranean influence. The menu is specially cultivated by international chef Barak Aharoni, and is constantly updated with additions from varied cultures and traditions. The restaurant boasts salads, fish and seafood, steaks and Italian pasta dishes. Additionally, a unique detox juicing menu is available, alongside the hot and cold beverage options.
The Private Dining Room features a meticulous European design, and is available for intimate family events or business dinners. You may enjoy a fine meal in absolute privacy, and take a breath in the small porch overlooking the hotel’s citrus garden.
For summer events, the Tower Garden is a perfect venue. The private garden with breathtaking foliage, inviting furniture, and the option of music will create a memorable event. The rosemary and jasmine plants will create a feeling of relaxation and serenity, and allow your guests to enjoy every minute.
Holding an event at The Norman’s luxurious restaurants sets a new standard of status and fine culinary, and symbolizes the important of the event and its guests. The Norman Hotel is located at the center of the White City UNESCO site, and offers some of the luxurious and best restaurants in Tel Aviv. The experience focuses not only on the culinary aspects of the event, but also on the impressive hotel design. The luxurious furniture and the masterpieces by Israeli artists will provide you and your guests with a sense of class, status, and a desire for more.

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