With an abundance of incredible restaurants in Tel Aviv, having a picnic is the last thing on the mind of a tourist. But let’s just say, a day of exploring the city on foot, or with one of the free bikes available for guests at The Norman, a picnic basket (packed by Barak Aharoni) and the cry for freedom from menu’s and noise and the picnic option starts to look a little more attractive.

Especially when there are so many wonderful spaces available to enjoy.

  • Kiryat Sefer park

    initiated by local citizens and environmental activists, this park is a hidden urban green spot that sits proud within the city. Sit near the ‘Water Table’ exhibit, or alongside the artificial pond, which is filled via an artificial stream flowing through the park. Continue north, and you will find benches, a playground, and the requisite Tel Avivi dog park, offering you a glimpse into authentic Tel Aviv life.

  • Gan Ha’atzmaut

    (Independence Park), features a combination of rolling grass and an elevated view of the Mediterranean. The park which was opened on the 1st Independence Day not only has historical value but is a quiet spot to enjoy a shaded picnic before heading down to the beach and the namal.

  • Seven Mills park

    featuring a renewed and accessible windmill is an archeological site dating back to the Roman period. The park and its windmills has been renovated and a lively ponds – home to a plethora of chirping birds make this a perfect spot for a romantic picnic.

  • North Zuk beach

    has the advantage of allowing you to combine beach swimming and a delicious breakfast with a rolling lawn. Showers & shade means you won’t need to rush back.

  • Givat HaShikmim

    is home to three impressive, ancient sycamore trees, and is dotted with picnic tables and a Eucalyptus grove, which blends beautifully with a seasonal bloom.

  • Afeka Caves

    one of the fifty urban natural sites in Tel Aviv these ancient burial caves are located in one the Gush Dan region’s unique green lungs. Full of wildlife and surround by stunning anemones and irises this is a pretty, historical site to explore and wile away the afternoon.

Whether a walking tour of Tel Aviv, a bike riding tour, a graffiti tour or boutique shopping tour, the concierge team at The Norman can build you the perfect day, with or without a picnic basket.

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