Staying in Tel Aviv allows visitors to enjoy a vibrant business scene, romantic spots and a lively night-life. In addition, staying in Tel Aviv allows visitors to stay in the Center region of Israel, and enjoy easy and accessible transportation to all parts of the country. That is why it has become a popular visitor spot, and home to many hotels and hosting options. When choosing a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, there are many factors to consider, and they should not be taken lightly. The Norman is a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, which incorporates the finest qualities of boutique hotels, along with an inviting atmosphere and a touch of elegance and class. The Norman is known for its returning customers, who enjoy the fine culinary options, high-end hotel facilities and the central location.

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When going on a business trip or a romantic vacation, people often want that special and personal touch that will give them the experience of a lifetime. That is exactly where boutique hotels come into the picture. Generally designed and furnished according to a specific theme, boutique hotels around the world aspire to provide their guests with an unforgettable experience.

If you are a world traveler, frequent flyer, or aspiring artist, Tel Aviv boutique hotels are the right place for you! The unique touch and flavor they offer, the often hidden and mysterious locations, and the warm and welcoming atmosphere create a wonderful sense of more. Boutique hotels can be charming, grandiose, or eclectic, all depending on the style of the hotel you chose. Many artists including authors, painters, and dancers claim that staying in a boutique hotel inspires them and boosts their imagination.

While most luxury hotels in Tel Aviv are clustered in specific areas, boutique hotels are sprinkled throughout the town. Due to their relatively small size, they can be found in old architectural beauties, magnificent villas, or lovely cabins. When choosing a boutique hotel, make sure to check what area it’s located in, the ease of transportation, and the availability of important resources such as a pharmacy or hospital nearby.

The Norman is a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, centrally located in the White City neighborhood. The Norman Tel Aviv was designed with a beautiful blend of antique pre-existing elements and exquisite textures and materials. The Norman’s walls are adorned with contemporary Israeli art pieces, and the furniture is hand-picked to create a wonderful cultural fusion. The restaurants located on-premise provide a fine selection of cuisine, including a Japanese tapas restaurant, the Alena restaurant, and the world-renowned Dinings restaurant.

The Norman is a boutique hotel, and it is perfect for traveling businessmen/businesswomen, who are looking for a place of relaxation and peace after a long day of meetings in Tel Aviv and the surrounding cities. Infinity swimming pool, yoga, a gym, and specialized massage treatments create a luxurious and pampering style for your stay.

The Norman Tel Aviv is centrally located in the heart of Tel Aviv, right along Rothschild Blvd, and next to the HaBima square. The beautiful Tel Aviv skyline can be viewed from the hotel and the Library Bar, and the hotel staff is always eager to assist in any way possible.

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