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Located on the glittering rooftop of The Norman hotel in Tel Aviv, Dinings, the internationally acclaimed Japanese tapas restaurant offers a world-class dining experience, with a unique menu that fuses Izakaya styled dining (essentially Japanese tapas) with modern European cooking techniques and ingredients.
With an outstanding position on the 3rd floor, diners can enjoy the most magical of views of the Tel Aviv skyline from the terrace while lounging on the sofa, or sit at the marble-topped sushi bar indoors, which offers a fascinating view into the precision-work that goes into the preparation of Dinings dishes .
The concept of fusing European influences with authentic Japanese cuisine may be new to some, but Dinings masters the art with unparalleled creativity and flair. Traditionally, Izakaya establishments were often a place to wind down after long work days, and where individuals gathered to drink sake. However, the globalization of Japanese ideas and food trends has encouraged a blending of dining cultures and styles.

The core of this Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv are Japanese tapas, sashimi, sushi and seafood, but it’s the stunning aperitifs, Sakizuke nibbles, oysters, signature dishes, and Moriawase platters that make the menu so unique and so versatile. Additionally, the “From the Kitchen” menu including mini steamed burger buns, vegetables, seafood and meat options, meets the moods and tastes of every guest.
Because the sunsets from the Dinings terrace are so famous, the launch of the Sunset Menu, (served Sunday to Thursday from 6pm-8pm) allows guests to choose from a short yet sweet menu, including champagne, a selection of cocktails, oyster appetizers and a selection of delicious sushi rolls. The sunset menu is intended to be enjoyed, on the terrace, against the sunset, throwing a pint tint over the White City.
An award winning Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv (Time Out, Conde Nast Traveler) and at home in London (Time Out & Zagat Food Guide) teamed with the freshest ingredients and most creative dishes make the Dinings the ultimate example of exquisite, accessible dining in Tel Aviv.