Israel has always been a country with a diverse culinary palette. The breadth of immigrants from all over the world has created a unique and irresistible Israeli menu.
However, the Asian food market – a major culinary genre – was almost nonexistent until just a few years ago. With most citizens and visitors to Israel harking from the Middle East, Africa, Europe and America, the cuisine has largely reflected the same patchwork, and Asian food fell under the radar.
However, the growth of this sector has grown with the number of Israelis traveling to Asia and the Far East. Israeli’s are very good at exporting their innovation just as they are adept at importing ideas and cuisine they have discovered on their jaunts abroad. Slowly but surely, the demand for Asian restaurants in Israel, particularly Japanese restaurants.
Tel Aviv has really taken the lead on the Japanese restaurant scene. If you are looking for a Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv, you can find a wide selection, from prices and styles to fast food chains and fine-dining restaurants.

The Asian restaurant scene in Tel Aviv is relatively new, and is heavily influenced by social media and world trends. The Israeli food market has always been diverse, but the Asian influences begun drizzling in only in the past decade or so.  Despite it being a new culinary field, it is possible to enjoy a fine Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv. The Japanese restaurants in Tel Aviv vary by price and affiliation. Some establishments serve street-style food, while others are prestigious culinary institutions. When searching for a Japanese restaurant in Tel Aviv, notice if it has won any awards, and read reviews from visitors and locals.

The menu in traditional Japanese restaurants begun as an Izakaya style – meaning small dishes – more suitable for evening snacks, however, the influence of Western culture started to penetrate the approach these restaurants took, the introduction of larger-sized plates grew.

Japanese restaurants in Tel Aviv range from the traditional to the unique, with most of them featuring an Israeli or European twist by mixing the local culture with the Japanese one.

Japanese tourists often claim that Tel Aviv’s version of “Japanese Food” is much sweeter than the original, and that some Asian-inspired dishes were in fact invented in Tel Aviv, and don’t even exist in Japan.
It should come as no surprise that the world renowned Dinings restaurant, with its flagship restaurant in Marylebone, and its more recent opening in Knightsbridge, London, decided to open a branch in the heart of Tel Aviv.
Located on the rooftop of the award winning hotel – The Norman, in Tel Aviv, Dinings boasts the most magical view in town as well as a stunning menu that artfully combines Japanese culinary traditions with modern European cuisine. At Dinings, you can enjoy a variety of mouthwateringly good aperitifs, oysters and amazing Moriawase platters for events and parties.
In addition, you will find tapas, sashimi, sushi and a host of hot dishes in addition to a sunset menu, which includes a range of cocktails and sushi for the most romantic time of day.
Sit on the bar and watch the drama of the chef’s at work or sit on the terrace amidst the Tel Aviv skyline, wherever you choose to sit, the atmosphere at Dinings is the stuff of memories.

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