The weather during an Israeli winter can be erratic to say the least. Often warm, with the occasional downpour or epic thunderstorm, or the sense you’ve experienced a number of weather systems in one single day. Whatever the weather, the beaches are always magical.
Because the coast of Tel Aviv offers a number of unique beaches with their own personality and Tel Aviv is quite small – you don’t need to stay at a beachfront hotel. While the beaches on the promenade may appear to offer the best in terms of location, it’s the hotels situated further east that offer the most in terms of entertainment, historical vibe, local attractions and better hotel properties.
The Tel Aviv coastline stretches for several miles beginning in the northern tip at the Tel Aviv Port, and ending in the south, in Jaffa. The coastline boasts a pleasant, upgraded promenade with shaded benches, about 10 beaches, and several restaurants with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean. Each of the registered beaches includes upgraded restrooms and showers, trained lifeguards, chair and umbrella rentals, and dedicated play and leisure areas.
In order to maximize every moment of your trip to Tel Aviv, it’s important to choose a centrally located hotel, without compromising on the proximity to the beach and everything else the city has to offer.

In terms of perfectly located luxury hotels offering a full range of service such as spa facilities, excellent restaurants and pool, there is only one hotel that ticks all the boxes for the discerning traveler. Having put Tel Aviv on the map as a luxury travel destination and brought the delights of the city into the homes of Conde Nast Traveler readers – The Norman hotel is the only choice. The Norman is the only hotel that incorporates leisure faculties, excellent dining options, perfect location and personalized service all in one.
The Norman hotel is Tel Aviv’s only example of international-styled luxury hospitality. A rooftop infinity pool with views stretching to the beach, pampering spa treatments, 24 hour gym, award winning restaurants, and uniquely designed bedrooms across 9 categories. Located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s very own heritage site – the White City and a mere 20-minute walk from the beach, a walking route that passes through the Carmel Market (Shuk HaCarmel) and Bezalel street.
Located in the cultural centre, the hotel itself incorporates a stunning art collection and is itself like a living museum in motion offering that much more than any other hotel in Tel Aviv.

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