Horseback riding is a fun and unique way to explore a new destination alone, or as a family. Such a diverse terrain means you can explore lush trails overlooking the sea of Galilee, the unforgettable landscape of the Negev Desert or – if you don’t wish to stray too far from the centre of town and The Norman hotel – cantor along beachside cliffs boasting stunning sea views just north of Herzeliya.

Wherever you wish to roam, on horseback or otherwise, our concierge team can build the ultimate trip for you, ensuring perfection from start to finish; arranging a chauffeur driven car to collect you from the hotel,  a picnic box made by Chef Barak Aharoni from Alena restaurant and a tour guide that speaks your language.

For guests visiting with small children, the Ramat Gan Riding Sports Center, offers private lessons and a course that suits your trip and is only a short distance from the hotel.

a little further north, in the pretty moshav of Bnei Zion is the Cavaliero Farm, which offers horse riding tours for couples or groups. The moshav sits amongst a beautiful landscape of scented orchards that has a real romantic feel to it. The concierge team at The Norman can schedule a unique tour of the farm including a cheese and wine tasting tour before reserving your table on the terrace of the well known Gouje and Daniel restaurant – with its beautiful panoramic view of the moshav.

The ‘Green Farm’ in Ramat HaSharon offers both yoga classes and horse riding lessons in an enchanting setting perfect for a family get together with a difference and celebrations outside of the hotel, while the Cactus Ranch in Mikmoret allows you to enjoy a number of professionally run tours that take in the coastal views.

But travel further afield and take in the biblical landscape of the Galilee. A day tour option that gives you the widest experience splits the trip up between horseback riding and hiking and follows well known, historical trails, shrines and streams. You can stop off for a picnic and take a swim before heading back to the comforts of The Norman Tel Aviv.

Horseback riding, sailing, yachting or whatever your speed, we have the perfect day waiting for you.

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