Originating from the computer game arena of the 1980’s, the escape room craze in its physical incarnation sprang out of 2011. An Escape Room is a physical adventure game where players have to use their wits to solve a number of clues and tasks and identify the hints in order to complete the mystery.

Escape rooms are usually created around a certain concept, and provide the visitors, or players with a multi-sensory and suspenseful experience. Most escape rooms are a physical challenge, where participants must solve riddles from different fields in order to advance between levels and rooms, and reach the exit or the prize. In Israel, you can find escape rooms in many cities, with a high concentration of escape rooms in Tel Aviv.

The linear escape rooms require you to solve the riddles and clues in a certain order, to advance to the next level. These rooms are typically organized, with no extra clues, and allow you to solve the riddles slowly and patiently. Linear escape rooms are especially suitable for beginning “escapers”, small groups, families and couples.

The non-linear escape rooms allow you to solve riddles simultaneously, but are typically more difficult, making them more suitable for large groups or players who like an intellectual challenge. The riddles in these rooms require more time and effort to solve, and require everyone’s participation.

A third style of escape room that combines both of the above, and is a favorite among seasoned escapers is The Scavenger Hunt escape room. It is only slightly different in that players are required to find certain objects and clues in the room in order to advance. But for those with a more cryptic bent, The Red Herring rooms – purposely confusing, feature several unrelated clues designed to distract the players and keep them on their toes all the time.

With such a rich variety of styles, physical and mental challenge – there really is something for everyone. For a good guide on where to head – The ‘Escape Room’ website will direct you towards the most suitable venues in Tel Aviv. Ranging from the “Classic” to the “Paranormal”, The “Titanic” , “Hotel California” and “Ghost Hunters” and many more themes gives you an example of the breadth of varieties and styles available.

All that’s left for you to do is rally some code crackers and find your trainers!

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