Israel has long been a magnet for tourists from around the world. Its rich history, ancient and modern, delicious gastronomy and diverse offering has, in recent years, seen Israel’s tourism industry flourish.

The variety of tourists coming to visit are as diverse as Israel itself. Being a pilgrimage site for three religions, including Judaism, Islam and Christianity as well as the Bahai, visitors are drawn from around the globe to the key holy sites. Additionally, the rise in hi-tech tourism means there are more international businessmen and entrepreneurs coming to Israel in order to get inspiration and invest in unique Israeli inventions than ever before.

With a stunningly spectacular Mediterranean coastline, as well as the Sea of Galilee, the vacationer is closely followed by those tourists arriving with a medical agenda, for which the Dead Sea region is also a pull.

Regardless of the agenda, people from all nations and all walks of life come to visit and get a magical taste of the unique offerings up and down the country leaving with a unique Middle-Eastern experience. The only question remaining is – what time of year to visit Israel?

Undoubtedly, the summer months  are the hottest months weather-wise and one of the hottest periods for tourism. August temperatures are not for the feint of heart, but with a seriously long and diverse stretch of coastline, stunning beaches and beachside activities, the possibilities for a true summer vacation are endless.

The immense variety of culinary options and long summer evenings allows tourists to get a taste of several cultures and traditions, a golden tan and a long day to boot! The Israeli summer doesn’t include any special holidays, which means all tourist sites are open during the entire season. Many outdoor spots are open in the evenings, and to avoid excessive heat, it is recommended to visit them during those hours.

The Israeli winter is fairly dry, and although it poses an issue for the locals, the tourists enjoy the opportunity to tour and hike under a blue sky and cooler temperature. The winter months don’t  pose a dramatic threat to Israeli tourism, because Israel is the country with the most museums per capita in the world – so there is always somewhere fascinating to visit! Additionally, the hiker can find hundreds of tracks, trails and routines that combine history with a specific culinary or cultural twist .

If you like the sunshine without being hindered by high temperatures – it is recommended to visit Israel during the spring and autumn months, especially if you’d like to visit the southern and Negev regions. That said, be it Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer, Israel’s doors are always open. Regardless of when you chose to step inside, you will (mostly) find eternal sunshine and a staggering variety of things to do.

Israel; where the door is always open, whatever the season.

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