The well-recognized much talked about cultural scene of Tel Aviv is thriving in all corners, across all mediums from the eclectic art & design industries, culinary and hospitality offerings, music and performance art.

The Norman hotel, located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s White City district, places special emphasis on incorporating a wide scope of contemporary art throughout the hotel, work by living, Israeli artists with international reputations in a collection that continues to grow and update while complimenting a contrasting furniture collection.

The Norman hotel’s location, in the heart of a UNESCO world heritage site, allows culture-lovers visiting Tel Aviv immediate access to Tel Aviv’s famed Bauhaus buildings and a wide range of the city’s best museums, markets and galleries. Tel Aviv is a dynamic, multicultural city, and hub for the cultural industries pulsing along a stunning coastline.

The Norman participates in this burgeoning scene with its well-loved, well-attended Norman Series; a series of interesting talks and inspiring lectures by key figures from the lifestyle and cultural industries who share their artistic processes and the inspiration that they draw from this vibrant city.

Often working in collaboration with the global art platform NIIO and participating in Tel Aviv’s annual Fresh Paint Art Fair ‘Gallery Weekend’, The Norman invites devotees of the arts in to enjoy a whole host of fresh and exciting screenings, tours and events.

Of course, the canvas against which all these events take place is a stunning hotel. A talking point in its own right. Renovated by the architect Yoav Messer, and designed by David D’Almada, they have blended original, historical, design features with an eclectic atmosphere that sits in perfect harmony with the neighborhood.

So, be it art lovers, foodies, indulgent pleasure seekers or luxury hotel buffs in search of incredible service, The Norman is the only destination in Tel Aviv.

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