Guests on business trip or holiday can take a break from the outside world, the hectic White City, and enter a world of relaxation and pampering at our The Norman luxury hotel.


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At the Spa at The Norman our expert team will help guests quiet their thoughts, relax their minds, rejuvenate their bodies and live the moment! Our eclectic treatments offer an array of pathways to outer radiance and inner balance, all thanks to The Norman cocktail of luxury and wellbeing.

We believe in an ageless approach to a healthy lifestyle through balance. Balance your mind and body with treatments that include pure natural resources and the healing of touch.


Our concierge team will be delighted to arrange a variety of beauty treatments in and around Tel Aviv with variety of spas we recommend.

And to put the icing on the cake of wellbeing, a stroll in the beach will complete the experience, letting the sand massage your feet, the breeze caress your body and the Mediterranean atmosphere remind you that life is all about moments. Come and enjoy those marvelous moments with us, at The Norman boutique hotel in Tel Aviv.

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