Tel Aviv boasts a vibrant urban sports culture, with a variety of activities catering to enthusiasts of all kinds. Swimming pools and outdoor gyms dot the city, parks and beaches, providing residents and visitors with opportunities to enjoy all kinds of outdoor urban exercise. The city is full of wonderful urban sporting opportunities. Because of the year-round sunshine, there is no need to always be cooped up in a gym to get fit. For our guests at The Norman boutique hotel looking to work out and to enjoy the city at the same time, we have put together some suggestions.

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The Yarkon park, with its shady riverside paths and small forest provides the perfect urban park landscape for a good hike.


Races, marathons and triathlons take place throughout the year around the country. In Tel Aviv, one of the most scenic routes for runners during sunrise and sunset is the dedicated 4 kilometer sea promenade (Tayelet) running path.


Biking is immensely popular in Tel Aviv, thanks to its flat terrain and extensive network of bike paths. Bicycle and electric scooter rental services are readily available, making it easy for people to explore the city on two wheels. Tel Aviv now boasts 70 kilometers of marked bike lanes which means that finally, bike lovers can safely take advantage of the city on 2 wheels (invaded now and then by pedestrians!). Ask at Concierge for a bike. 


Tel Aviv is the perfect size city for walking fans. From the bursa section, our local Wall Street in Ramat Gan, a 30 minute walk takes you to Rothschild Avenue and from there, there are many strolling routes through interesting streets leading to the sea or parks.


Cycling in Tel Aviv is not just a mode of transportation but also a way of life, with dedicated bike lanes ensuring safety for cyclists.  The riverside areas, such as along the Yarkon River, offer scenic routes for cyclists and joggers to enjoy.


Any time of the year is swimming time in Tel Aviv. The Mediterranean is open 24/7 & the winter water even has its fans. For the less brave: The rooftop infinity pool at The Norman provides guests with wonderful urban sea views. The wonderful outdoor sea-water pool of Gordon beach is popular and pools like the one in the Dizengoff centre provide swimmers with heated water.


There is no matching the Tel Aviv Rollers for a skate around the city. The loosely confederated group of 150 rollerblading and rollerskating enthusiasts takes to city streets every Tuesday evening starting at Ben Tzion Boulevard. It is amazing to see them speeding around the city. Everyone is welcome to join in, no need to sign up in advance.


In Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park (near the Sportek), you’ll encounter on-the-fly games of Soccer and Basketball to join in the evenings. And for a fun, sandy game of beach volleyball on Saturday, try Bograshov Beach.


Urban parks like Park HaYarkon provide green spaces for outdoor workouts, climbing, street ball and even track racing at the Sportek, a huge outdoor gym and leisure area.  Skateboarding and rollerblading are also common sights, with designated areas for these sports in various parts of the city. Tel Aviv’s urban sports culture reflects its youthful and energetic vibe, attracting fitness enthusiasts from around the world.

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