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Tel Aviv is proud of the diverse number of parks dotted throughout the city, many of which are off the beaten track. Here is The Norman hotel’s guide to the most interesting urban parks, a breather for locals and visitors to the Big Orange.

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A park nestled in the centre of the action, off King George Street. Enormous trees cover a sweet promenade dotted with benches.  Wi-Fi allows visitors the chance to mix work and leisure in the great outdoors amidst the fish pond and turtles. Wile away the hours at Landvers café while the kids enjoy the playground. Sports enthusiasts can make use of the sports area equipped with a small basket court and soccer pitch.


Behind the cultural complex that comprises the public library, contemporary art museum and theatre, this lovely park is perfect for picnics and relaxing with a book. Outdoor yoga classes and  activities are perfect for people-watching while the playground here is one of the cities favorites’ with children.


This new urban park has a beautiful pond with fish, ducks and frogs. Perfect for joggers and those who enjoy the great outdoor gyms that characterize the open spaces of Tel Aviv.



Located on the coast, in the northern part of Tel Aviv alongside the marina, this leafy park with wild secluded corners is set upon a hill, providing a lovely vantage point for enjoying the views and sunset  across the sea. This park is a perfect detour for those strolling along the pretty shore line.


On the southern part of the seashore from Alma beach to Jaffa is a grassy extension that provides  views of Old Jaffa and a break from the sand.  A flat stretch with the city on one side and the sea set below the hill on the other, this has become the place for kite flying.

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