• HABIMA, established as the first national Hebrew Theater located at the bottom of Rothschild Blvd.


  • HAKAMERI TEL AVIV CITY THEATER, now located in a new and modern venue in the Performing Art Center area.


  • HAGESHER THEATER, started some years ago by Russian new immigrants has now a successful repertoire in Hebrew – Yerushalaim Blvd, Jaffa.


  • BEIT LESSIN, a small theatre with a main stream chamber style repertoire 101


  • TZAVTA is a small venue that hosts avant-garde theater or music shows and is politically oriented to the left wing of the Israeli political opinions.


  • NA LAGAAT CENTER – a unique theater with actors that are blind and deaf.

Note: Theater is mostly in Hebrew – simultaneous translations to English are available at Habima, Hakameri and Hagesher for some of the performances; best to check before you buy tickets.





There are many cinema venues in Tel Aviv and the important thing is that they are not dubbed. The most popular movies play usually at Rav Chen Tel Aviv in Dizengoff Square. The foreign and artistic movies play usually at Lev Cinema in Dizengoff Center Mall.

  • CINEMATEQUE TEL AVIV offers a rich repertoire of foreign films.
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