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Tel Aviv is Israel’s undisputed capital of urban art; appreciation for art and architecture runs deep in the veins of the city.  It’s colors, shapes and messages tell the story of Tel Aviv’s new generation. Some street-art critics have named Tel Aviv the second hottest spot in the world after Berlin. Whatever its rank in the street art charts, Tel Aviv’s graffiti would be impossible to miss as it adorns so many buildings and objects wherever you are exploring in the city. Sharing messages and opinions on love, war, housing policies and everything in between. But if you know where to look, there is some specific street art that should not be missed. For our guests interested in exploring the more off-beat joys of Tel Aviv, The Norman Tel Aviv has put together a street art guide:


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While exploring the neighborhood of Florentine, in south Tel Aviv, we recommend walking all the way down Frenkel Street to the corner where it meets Abarbanel Street. There you will encounter a surreal snapshot:  an old synagogue isolated on the border of an industrial area. If you continue you’ll find a maze of carpentry workshops and some of the most stunning graffiti in Tel Aviv.

Jaffa Port

Heading to the southern most point along the sea promenade (Tayelet), you will reach Jaffa Port, walk just passed the little guard house at the entrance and look up to your right and take in the stunning murals. There are plenty of eclectic spots to stop at for refueling in the main shopping area there. There you will also find more small street art tasters lining the walls as you work your way around the port.


Keep your eyes open for:

Black and white drawings of a man with a red heart on his sleeve – by Know Hope

Pigeons, all over the city in the most creative locations, doing all kinds of tricks, from rollerblading to juggling – by Dede

Paintings of a variety of figures but many with fox-like eyes  – by Klone

Formal graffiti tours:

For fun tours around the city with detailed and knowledgeable explanations Grafityiul offers convenient schedules and routes with guides that are artists themselves. Please ask our concierge to book it for you.

Grafityiul  03-721 9360