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Scientists say that the ultimate purpose of a goods night sleep is physical and emotional restoration. The importance of a sound sleep cannot be underestimated which is why guests at The Norman Tel Aviv, a luxury hotel that overestimates comfort has only the most heavenly beds in all rooms and suites.

Therefore ensuring that the second purpose of a good night sleep – long-term memory consolidation, is fighting fit – and certain  to remember your magical experiences at The Norman, one of the best luxurious hotels in israel.

Because the process of sleeping and waking up is heavily affected by darkness and light each of our rooms come equipped with shutters to help you settle into that snuggling mode. And then, serotonin levels busting a boosted mood, once those shutters open on to a sunny Tel Aviv morning will ensure a perfect start to a perfect day, and that’s before you’ve even seen the breakfast!

The perfect breakfast will await you as will our expert Concierge team who are ready armed with  a stack load of suggestions and activities to create a wonderful day that will inevitably roll in to another glorious night, at The Norman