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High-tech nation is the home to many answers about what the future will look like!

And some of those answers and the key leaders able to answer them will be found at the forthcoming event Robotics & Automation, organized by New Tech Events in Tel Aviv who claim to  throw some light on some of our toughest questions about the future of robotics and how it will impact our everyday world

The conference will take place on May 23rd at Tel Aviv Fairgrounds and visitors will enjoy not only some of the most dazzling innovations and achievements of the industry but have an insight in to the academia side of the field of robotics and automation, from medical to recreational uses, and anything in-between.

However, we don’t need the experts to tell us that there will never be a robot who can mirror the warmth and personal dedication guests at The Norman Tel Aviv boutique hotel can enjoy. So once you have explored the future from the safety of the exhibition hall, come back home to The Norman for a little human-touch

Each corner of the hotel, from our restaurants and Library bar, to our Wellbeing Area is waiting to put worries of the past and future far from your mind, encouraging to revel in the present!