Israelis admire the originators of modern Israeli literature so much that many streets in the country are named after its finest writers, S. Y. Agnon, Haim Nachman Bialik, Leah Goldberg or Rachel Bluwstein, for instance. For guests at our boutique hotel who would like to explore the points where Tel Aviv and literature converge beyond street signs, we have put together a list of literary places of interest:

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Bialik House

The colorful Bialik House, situated appropriately at 22 Bialik Street is the place to go to learn more about Israel’s first national poet.  He lived there with his wife Mania and the house features books, letters and artwork given to the poet by some of the nation’s greatest artists.

The Little Prince Café. Hanasich Hakatan

This local café named after the novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is a place where book & food lovers can do two of their favourite things at the same time. The cafés walls are covered in shelves of used books you can delve into while the store has a stock of both Hebrew and English literature.

The Little Prince Cafe, 19 King George St, 03-5253632



The Bookworm Café. Tolaat Sfarim

This funky café has two locations, in both Mazeh Street and Rabin Square. The later boasts a rich psychotherapy section while the one in Mazeh has a heated patio and full roster of screenings that are open to the public.

The Bookworm Café-Bookstore, 7 Mazeh St/9 Rabin Sq, Tel Aviv, 03-5298499

Halpers Books

If you forgot to pack your vacation-reads, Yosef Halper , the friendly American owner of Halper’s Books on Allenby Street  (the largest purveyor of English language books) – can guide you through the shelves, where two-thirds of its 50,000 titles are in English.

Halper’s Books, 87 Allenby St, 03-6299710

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