The warm sunny weather of late summer screams out for a chilled and expertly mixed cocktail. In The Library Bar, located inside The Norman hotel in Tel Aviv, the exclusive cocktail list of summer 2021 awaits you, with an air of elegance.   Whether you are enjoying an al fresco lunch with family on the terrace or are on a romantic date in the evening. The Library Bar’s drinks are unique , created by expert mixologists and served with a smile

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How does one choose the perfect cocktail for a summer evening?

There is no doubt that Tel Aviv is the ultimate entertainment city, where the nightlife does not stop for a moment and on summer evenings the city has an inexplicable charm. If you want to spend your summer evenings properly, we recommend choosing the right cocktail bar in Tel Aviv to have a drink or two. But how do you know which cocktail to choose to offer the best experience for you? Here we will give you the ultimate tips:

First of all, a bonafide professional cocktail bar is one where there are mixologists know how to make recommendations according to your favourite base and taste. Everyone has their favorite drink, be it whiskey, tequila or rum.  Therefore, before you order, tell your mixologist what your usual preference drink is. There are recommended summer cocktails that have a sweet taste, ones that are more of a sour note, cocktails with a slight bitterness and even cocktails with mild spiciness. This way, you will end up with the perfect cocktail for your mood and taste.

Opportunity to discover new flavors

There are several bars on Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv, but there is only one bar like The Library Bar. This is a Tel Aviv restaurant bar that offers not only fine cocktails, but also a menu of the finest dishes prepared by our chefs. This way you can enhance the experience by choosing a cocktail that will perfectly pair with the dish you have chosen. Speaking of recommended bars in Tel Aviv, this is without a doubt one of the names that appear at the top of every “best bar” list in Tel Aviv.  

We tend to think that a fine meal is combined only with wine, but in the Israeli summer it will be a miss if you give up on cocktails with your meal. A light cocktail will be very complementary for a richer meal, and will make the whole experience unforgettable. The right drink can really refresh the palate between dishes, in order to enjoy your experience to the fullest.


A bar like The Library Bar inside a luxury boutique hotel like The Norman

is a world within itself. 


A great bar like The Library Bar is a place where new people can be met in a particularly exciting, romantic, design led,  sexy and interesting historically environment. Customers can meet not only local young people, but also guests who have come from all over the world. Bars in Tel Aviv 2021 are full of life and joy, so it’s a perfect place to make connections, friendships and maybe even find love. This Tel Aviv cocktail bar at the hotel opens a world of opportunities that you probably never would have thought of when looking for a place to enjoy a good cocktail.

Another great bonus of a bar located inside a hotel is that the quality of service is unrivalled. The common denominator between good bars in Tel Aviv is great service, excellent cocktails and good people.  A hotel bar guarantees all these elements. 

In The Library Bar at The Norman hotel, summer cocktails are made from the freshest ingredients that the season offers.  The mixologists at The Norman hotel excel in professional preparation methods, which guarantee drinks that will amaze you and thrill your tastebuds.  Allow yourself to embark on a unique adventure in vibrant Tel Aviv and experience a world within a world in this exceptional hotel bar.

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