The Tel Aviv culinary world is taking notice of these two young and innovative chefs, who together, bring to Alena a variety of flavors and techniques unique to their background and culinary journey.

At the excellent Alena restaurant in The Norman hotel in Tel Aviv, Omer Shadmi and Daniel Zur have created a contemporary, all-day menu, rich in the flavors of the Galil and a variety of exciting and classic dishes to suit all tastes.

Together, they have forged a unique vision for the restaurant. Alena restaurant itself stands apart from the crowd, not least because it is one of the only high-end restaurants in Tel Aviv that is steered by not one, but two highly talented, trained, and creatively driven chefs.

The vision of both chefs is to appeal to a wide local audience through simple yet still sophisticated dishes that place an emphasis on selected ingredients and traditional cooking methods. At the same time, there is a clear commitment to culinary innovation on the menu that speaks of the vast and varied experiences and cuisines that have captured each of their hearts in their own way.

It’s clear when testing your way through the menu that there is an elegant harmony that flows between these two, built in a deep and binding friendship that enhances the creative process.

Omer & Daniel’s culinary journey started in the upper Galil where they developed a love for the locally grown herbs and produce. It has also taken them across the globe and into the kitchens of some of the world’s leading restaurants in London & Berlin.

The menu at Alena Restaurant reflects their journeys and the variety of influences that represent what we know to be a Tel Aviv dining experience.

In ALENA, perhaps one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv, you will find classic dishes with a modern twist as well as an award-winning wine list, the most comprehensive Champagne list in Israel, and the best cocktails the city has to offer.

Good restaurants in Tel Aviv are those that manage to keep their regular guests engaged and surprised – precisely because of the variety and breadth of the dishes.  Chefs Daniel Zur and Omer Shadmi have created a menu that combines local ingredients such as semolina, hyssop, hubeza, and others, which does just that.

One of the most talked about dishes at Alena Restaurant is the Hubeza ravioli, the herb itself is home gown and comes delivered to Alena straight from Daniel’s father’s garden in the north.  Another dish that exemplifies their influences is the octopus skewer, cooked in lamb’s fat and served over charred vegetables and a bonfire potato, with yogurt.

While the all-day menu can be ordered and enjoyed throughout the hotel, the breakfast offering is just as popular.


Breakfast at Alena continues to be the talking point of the town. Come and discover the famous Alena breakfasts at The Norman Hotel where you can enjoy a stunning buffet as well as a delicious a la carte menu.

The atmosphere in the restaurant itself, on the terrace, or in the tower garden is the ultimate space for starting your day just perfectly.

Regardless of where you choose to sit, relax and enjoy, you will feel as though you are on vacation. You can also enhance your visit with a lovely trip to the pool and Wellness area for a fun, relaxing day perfect for recharging the batteries.

Alena Restaurant is a stunning example of a seamless culinary experience, in an excruciatingly pretty setting that really is very memorable, for all the right reasons.

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