There are three designated walking routes you can take, each of which affords an insight into a particular side of the city.  These walking trails have been instigated as part of Tel Aviv’s 100th birthday celebrations, and each has been carefully planned to take in the city’s most notable sites and attractions.


This route starts at the border of Neve Zedek, Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhood, and Ahuzat Bayit. Here you can pause to examine a fountain mosaic designed by Nachum Gutman which traces the history of Jaffa and Tel Aviv. As you would expect, the White Route takes in the UNESCO designated White City area of the city with its fascinating architecture and ambience.


This walking tour invites you to experience Tel Aviv-Jaffa’s beautiful Mediterranean shoreline, starting at Jaffa ridge and taking in the Tel Aviv Port and Lighthouse. Various sites and attractions including Jaffa’s Clock Square, the Etzel Musuem, the Hassan Bek Mosque and Knesset Square – now home to Israel National Opera – are included on this fascinating walk.


This unique urban trail takes in the natural attractions of the city, including Tel Aviv’s famous Yarkon Park which is situated alongside the Yarkon River. Walkers can discover Tel Aviv’s green credentials – and its transformation from a garden city set within sand dunes, to Israel’s most thriving metropolis, home to gardens, parks and plentiful outdoor recreational areas.

Seaside Promenade Walk

The northern promenade walk – starts in in the center near your hotel and go north along the beach. Recommended at sunset than when you reach Tel Aviv Port you will have a great difficulty to choose where to have your sunset drink.  On the new wooden deck there are several bars and cafés where you can have a drink or a meal. You may visit the new shopping complex Habait Ba-namal that offers exclusive and sophisticated items.  However it is interesting to look and window shop. Afterwards you can continue north and go all the way to the Yarkon Park through a lovely bridge
that is beautifully illuminated at night. If you are hungry you can choose to eat at Boya or Mul Yam  or in the summer you can hop to Shalvata and enjoy some more drinks into the twilight.

The south promenade walk starts in the center again and goes all the way south to old Jaffa 30-40 minutes leisure walk if you start around Gordon st.

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