Guests enjoying the boutique delights of The Norman Tel Aviv are a stroll away  from the charms and trinkets of Nahalat Benyamin Street. The northern part, cobbled & pedestrianized is adjacent to HaCarmel Market  and for two days of the  week brimming with unique handmade finds, weird & wonderful in the art & craft fair.

In Tel Aviv’s early days, at the beginning of the twentieth century, Nahalat Benyamin was the longest street in the city. Named after Benyamin Ze’ev Herzel, the father of political Zionism, it was a prime example of modern European architecture transposed against a Middle Eastern backdrop.

Today, the picturesque street maintains its allure, with the same eclectic Bauhaus and Art Nouveau buildings standing side by side and housing  shabby-chic cafes, a wealth of great restaurants, local fast-food spots, and  an abundance of well established textile stores.


The arts & craft fair taking place on Tuesday and Friday, transforms Nahalat Benyamin from a quieter, easier stroll in to a bustling and colorful fair featuring the works of around 220 artists who sell their own works. It remains the largest fair of its kind in Israel.

It goes without saying that there is something for everyone, from handmade jewelry, sculpture, modern judaica, copper kaleidoscopes, cuckoo clocks, paper maché flying dragons, glasswares, puppets,  memorabilia and more.

The experience is enriched by the fairs incredible mix of street artists, acrobats, caricaturists and  musicians. Don’t miss Adi Morag playing covers from  all times and styles on his incredible giant marimba.

The fair is open on Tuesdays and Fridays in the summer from 10:00 to 19:00.

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