The promenade or HaTaylet as it is known in Hebrew, boasts five kilometers of award-winning beaches, cafes, and newly refurbished shaded areas that provide retreat from the insistent summer sun.

Stretching from the northern port (HaNamal), to Jaffa, there are untold treats and moods along the way in both directions, depending on where guests from The Norman Tel Aviv begin exploring HaTayelet.

The beaches and cafes along HaTayelet satisfy all tastes and tendencies while extra sparkle is provided by street musicians, hair-braiders, magicians and the amazing promenade crowd themselves. Special mention must be made of the die-hard early morning swimmers who brave all seasons and all weathers.

While our dedicated and attentive Concierge team is ready to light the way, here are some ideas of what you can expect:


Gordon beach is the number one choice for volleyball fans and swimmers alike. On the promenade itself, there is a tribute to The Voice of Peace radio, an offshore radio station, founded by Abie Nathan, that served the Middle East for 20 years. Some of the old broadcasts can be heard at the touch of a button on the small tribute wall nearby.




On Friday afternoons, before what is doubtless always a stunning sunset, the Dolphinarium beach comes alive with Brazilian batucada and capoeira groups & performers.


If it’s a good day for surfing, the Hilton beach, located northwards and the Maaravi beach down south, are the most commonly favoured beaches for surfers.


Tel Aviv is an open and free city, which also extends to its beaches, however the LGBT community does tend to gravitate to the stretch near the Hilton beach, which is also the only Tel Aviv beach where dogs are permitted.


The religiously observant can find gender-specific swimming days at Hof Hadatiyim or Nordau Beach, south of the Tel Aviv port. Three days of the week are allocated for men or women while Saturday, the day of rest, is open to both.


Locals and tourists are not only protected by the cities lifeguards, the lifeguards are often a great source of entertainment as well, directing swimmers  to safety with megaphone demands littered with  humour delivered in many languages.


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