Considered one of the most elegant streets in the 1930s, Dizengoff is still one of Tel Aviv’s busiest thoroughfares.  A 3km stroll down Dizengoff today will take approximately 50 minutes and showcases many examples of the city’s history and the changes that Tel Aviv has undergone over the years.

Rehov Dizengoff (rehov = street), is a perfect example of the city’s contrasting personality; Bauhaus buildings alongside more contemporary & shabbier structures. Street food & boho cafes beside elegant restaurants. Independent boutiques next to high street chains, second-hand book and vintage market sellers, students, tourists, locals and everyone else who isn’t jogging.  Without doubt, the mood on Dizengoff echoes an eclectic flavor that is unique to Tel Aviv.

Named after the first mayor of Tel Aviv, the street is a lovely 15 minutes stroll on foot from the luxury delights of The Norman Tel Aviv. Spanning from the new Tel Aviv port in the north, to Ibn Gvirol Street in the center, it will be hard for anyone to avoid. A main artery, Dizengoff acts as a gateway to a multitude of interesting places.

Sauntering Down Dizengoff From North to South…


(junction HaTa’arucha Street/ Tel Aviv port)

For families, couples or yogi-loving spa goers. A local farmers market, high street shops, playgrounds, beach and more, you can easily wile away an entire day here.


(between Yarmeyahu Street and Nordau Street)

Many of Tel Aviv’s most popular coffee shops are located on this vibrant corner of Tel Aviv which buzzes late into the night 7 nights a week.



(between Nordau Street and Arlozorov)

This strip of Dizengoff is home to many of Tel Aviv’s most renowned independent fashion designers and accessory stores. Perfect for a post-lunch amble.


Beat the crowd at Tamar’s famed fresh fruit juice bar or sit and watch the world go by at the fabulous gourmet sandwich kiosk opposite. Once equipped with snacks, walk westwards to the beach, stopping off for live free jazz on a Friday morning on what is considered one of the prettiest boulevards in the city.


On Tuesdays and Fridays, browse through the eclectic vintage market for collectors items, quirky memorabilia and trinkets.  Yaacov Agam’s landmark kinetic sculpture fountain demands your attention for the full cycle of its spitting fire musical finale.

Exploring the city from the luxury of The Norman Tel Aviv is easy. Ask reception for one of our bicycles and Concierge for some more pointers!

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