National Geographic rated Tel Aviv as the 9th best beach city in the world, secretly leaving locals wondering why it didn’t rate higher. The beaches of Tel Aviv are not only stunning, but each beach along the coastline boasts its own enchanting character.

Loyal locals have their favourites, others move north to south depending on the mood.  Whatever your flavour, golden sands, cool Mediterranean water, great weather and beach-activities have tempted visitors to this side of the Med from all over the world.

Part of the experience of staying at The Norman Tel Aviv, will doubtless include becoming more intimately acquainted with our glorious stretch of coast,  for absorbing more than just the endless rays of sunshine, but also the unique Tel Aviv atmosphere and the people that make it so special.

16 Beaches, Finding the Best Beach for you

All of Tel Aviv’s beaches are extremely well maintained.  You can sunbathe in luxury by hiring a sun-lounger and umbrella and summon a multi-lingual waiter to fetch you watermelon, or rollout a beach mat somewhere more remote. The facilities and services vary, from water & beach sports, to café’s & outdoor gyms.

If you are driving from The Norman Tel Aviv by car, you’ll be limited to a beach with a parking lot.  However, if you take one of The Norman bicycles or decide to soak up the city strolling to the beach on foot, a number of beaches are available to choose from. Beaches are open throughout the year, but lifeguards are only present during the bathing season from early spring to late autumn.


Among the city’s recommended beaches are:


Also called Drummers Beach and home to the Israel Surf Club, this beach is close to the part of the promenade (or ‘tayelet’ in Hebrew), featuring street musicians and performers that enliven your stroll in to historic Jaffa. More regular among locals, kite flyers & surfers, the atmosphere is “shanti” chic.


Perfect for sunbathers and swimmers, Gordon Beach is conveniently located just south of the Tel Aviv Marina and within walking distance of restaurants, cafés & shops. The Gordon Health Club is located here and boasts a fabulous sea-water-filled outdoor pool. Next door, Landvers outdoor café offers a marina-view.


There are 16 beaches along the Tel Aviv coastline, several of them serve specific requirements, be that religious or sporting needs. For example, Nordau Beach, otherwise known as Separation Beach, welcomes men and women bathers on separate days, while Metzitzim Beach boasts a children’s playground, volleyball courts, and an outdoor gym. Topsea Beach is the ideal spot for surfers.

The Norman concierge team are ready to help guide you around, all you need is a The Norman luxury tote, available at reception and your hat!

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