A Prescription for Holiday Bliss: Sam Stiller

It’s the little details at The Norman which are essential to creating the whole experience and the ultimate goal of ensuring nothing short of hospitality excellence.

Today, wellness is understood as vital to overall well-being and happiness. Wellness at The Norman is one of the key components, integral to your stay with us and one of our commitments to your health, your conscious de-stressing and your mind-body harmony.

Which is why we are particularly excited, that Sam Stiller; a world renowned ex-professional and International athlete turned professional trainer has joined the wellness team at The Norman.

In addition to our abundant offering of health & beauty treatments, workout options and detox programs, guests can now choose to take their fitness training to the next level with Sam, either in the hotel gym, or in the great outdoors of Tel Aviv.

Taking advantage of our locality, guests can select from a number of locations exceeded only by an even longer list of fitness programs from which to chose from. A short jog from the beach, a bike ride away from the park, the setting of your fitness session with Sam can go towards helping you rebalance and harmonise. The city of Tel Aviv is awash with designated walking, running & cycling paths so you can have the best of both worlds by feeling the burn and seeing more of the city in one fell swoop!

With a reputation that precedes him, Sam's rich and lengthy experience includes playing as well as coaching professional basketball for over 25 years, before going on to successfully manage  the prestigious Bath & Racquets Club in London. To say he is one of the most sought-after fitness professionals around would be something of an understatement...

You can now tailor-make the fitness program you adopt at home. Be it;  body toning, high-intensity strength training, agility, cross-fit or stretching, or anything else that makes your fitness world perfect, including a basketball workout that will have you bouncing breathlessly back to base!

One-on-one or in a group, we’ve got all your preferences covered, as The Norman absolutely encourages a holistic approach to being on holiday. Because even if you’re here on business, you should leave feeling as though you had a vacation.

For more information: please contact the Wellness Area at The Norman