A tribute to style, sophistication and service, The Norman Tel Aviv brings unprecedented prestige to the heart of the historic Mediterranean city. Be it for business or leisure, The Norman is a luxury hotel in Tel Aviv that captures the timeless elegance of the 1920s, matched with the superb comforts of a world-class luxury hotel.


Nestled on a picturesque city square, The Norman, the only luxury hotel in Tel Aviv, lies in the heart of the White City; Tel Aviv’s world-famous UNESCO heritage site of historic Bauhaus architecture buildings. Perfectly situated right next to Rothschild Boulevard and Tel Aviv’s best cultural attractions, The Norman is comprised of 2 classic buildings, superbly restored to their unique magnificence.  No. 23 Nachmani Street, a residential-style suites building, available for both short and long term stays, was built in the Eclectic style and is brimming with Renaissance influence and oriental accents. No. 25 Nachmani St., the main building of the hotel, is a grand Modernist building, featuring clean lines and wooden shutters that capture the essence of 1920s architecture.


The Norman Tel Aviv incorporates antique elements from the original interiors of the historic buildings, blended with hand-picked textures and materials to create a rich design tapestry inspired by the prestige of yesteryear. A romantic nod to a bygone era, The Norman reflects the luxury and style of the grand hotels of the early 20th century, featuring 2 world-class restaurants, original contemporary Israeli art, an elegant Library Bar, and a very wide range of luxury facilities and services.


Enjoy the glorious Tel Aviv sunshine in The Norman’s unique outdoor spaces. The exclusive rooftop and deck features a spectacular infinity swimming pool, creating a haven of relaxation and luxury overlooking the city. The hotel’s charming citrus garden is situated between the two historic buildings, blending a European aura with distinct Mediterranean flair. Soothe the soul at The Norman’s luxurious Wellness Centre, with a spacious terrace for outdoor treatments in the warmer months, or visit Tel Aviv’s sunny beaches nearby for the quintessential Mediterranean experience.


The Norman Tel Aviv offers a superb range of dining experiences and cuisines to suit every taste and mood. Make your choice of ambience from the hotel’s brasserie style restaurant, signature Library Bar, and world-renowned Japanese tapas rooftop restaurant.