Rothschild Blvd is one of Tel Aviv’s principal streets, located in the city center. Beginning in Neve Tzedek, it runs north to Habima Theater and features trees, pedestrian and cycle lanes. A focal tourist destination, the boulevard is home to many historical Bauhaus buildings and as such is an important part of Tel Aviv’s UNESCO designated World Heritage ‘White City’ Site. There are several enclosed playgrounds for children located here too.

Ben Gurion Blvd is another worth mentioning, since it connects the city center at City Hall to the Mediterranean Sea at Gordon Beach. The boulevard is named after Israel’s first Prime Minister and boasts children’s playgrounds and cafés, giving it a relaxed and urbane atmosphere. Street and public events are often held here too.


Chen Blvd is located between a city square and busy road. Kahanovich set out to create a series of pedestrian crossings. He also planted jacarandas which produce beautiful purple blossoms in the spring. The central part of the boulevard featured paths for walkers and cyclists, while along the length are grassy areas and benches. The newly renovated urban area has already proven to be a big hit with residents.


Shenkin and Nahalat Binyamin starts from Rothschild Blvd and stroll around the wide mix of colorful shops. When you are near Allenby take a left and visit the Bezalel Market near King George; a bazaar style market selling outlet clothing - great place for finding metzies (bargains).

Gordon St. - walk from the sea to Rabin Square - the part between Ben Yehuda street and Dizengoff has many art galleries on both sides - you can visit if they are open - further on Gordon street observe the beautiful trees and the old buildings. At the end of Gordon Street you come upon the City Hall, where one can take a look at the monument for Yitzhak Rabin, exactly located at the place where he was assassinated. In the square there are some nice cafés and restaurants like Brasserie and Landver café. One can walk further pass the beautiful Chen Blvd and sit for a quiet coffee in Masarik Square, a small piazza just nearby with nice cafés and new fashion designers little shops.